Tutorial on Knowledge Space Theory

A learnr tutorial including several R Shiny Apps developed within the QHELP and TquanT. projects.


Illustrating neighbourhoods in knowledge structures.

Shortening a Test for Skill Assessment

Student presentation

Animated Learning Paths v4

This app illustrates the concept of learning paths in a knowledge structure. It is an extension of an app from the TquanT project.

Knowledge Structure on Properties of Relations

A Skill Map on Logistic Regressions

KST: Working with Dataframes in R

Properties of Relations

This app allows you to define an arbitrary binary relation on a set of five items and shows you whether certain properties are fulfilled.

Validating BLIM-Simulated Data

This app does a series of BLIM simulations and shows the dependence of the Discrepancy Index from the noise. This app was inspired by a student app from the 2019 seminar.